Not really going to *review* this wine tonight, because it’s sweet and therefore pretty much lost all merit for me, and while interesting, I just don’t have the vocabulary, experience or energy to break it down. Picked it up as an experiment–as I LOVE Blaufrankisch–the whole Hungarian thing was compelling, and while I’m not sorry I did, it’s just not my thing. And let’s be clear: this is not a Dessert Wine–something I adore–this is a Sweet Wine, an important differentiation often lost in the syntax of the 99.

Bright thin color, a nose slightly rustic and rather un-expressive other than an interesting stemmy floral–and pouring and smelling I was piqued.

Tasting it immediately retracts all interest, as the sweetness hits thickly and instantly. To its credit, there IS a peppery little spicy briar nuance lurking, showing perhaps the presence of at least a little acid and varietal character. A slight pithy dryness appears late-middle, dragging a little steely tannin behind. It is not horrible, but the EASY 20g/l sets up roadblocks for me impossible to objectively navigate. I really do not know what the *place* for this wine would be, and the cloying body against the raspy finish creates a juxtaposition hard to equate with “balance”.

So much for not reviewing it, McConnell.

2020 DONAUSONNE ‘Hajos-Baja’ Blaufrankisch Hungary 10.5

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