You’ve got to appreciate the classics, man.

Big funky barnyard greets the nose: clean wet hay and curry-comb after sweaty leather. Bright and light in the glass, rosy ruby tinged with slightly-amber pink at the rim. Peach pit and easy asphalt caress the savory fruit: delicate raspberry firmed and warmed by herbs de Provence and green fig. The whole bouquet unifies into ripe pie-cherry kissed with petrichor. And still all that gorgeous funk…

This is easily the most *old world* and classic version of the variety produced by this winery. The rustic Sangiovese glow heads along strongly toward Rosso di Montalcino paths–even hinting at Chianti. Easy, devastatingly complex, simple and pure ageable brilliance protrudes everywhere in the smell, and continues on in the mouth. Restrained body attacks the palate, achingly young shards of tight berry coated with acid defy initial inclinations of “simple”, as the greenbrier and citrus mineral solidify not-so-subtle complexities packed into such a light, young package. Tannin nearly obliterates the fruit early-finish: a teeth-wiping, tongue-eviscerating conclusion not pausing for introductions.

Beautiful stuff: again, and this one will certainly titillate the classicists worried about *clean, modern, California influences* in IGT offerings. Priced WELL out of the stratosphere occupied by top Rosso’s, you can afford two cases and drink a couple per year.

2018 POGGIO LA NOCE ‘Gigetto’ Sangiovese/Caniolo 90/10 IGT Toscano Italy 13.5

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