Beautiful little white IGT, not sure the variety: it *could* be Sangiovese Blanc, but I’m leaning towards Sauvignon Blanc after smelling and tasting. There’s a certain piquant grassiness in the nose, along with nice buttered spice and tropical hints. Pale yellow–almost clear–with apple and rum on the nose, wet newsprint and jasmine. Lovely and clean, with just enough muddled cellar to ensure it’s actually wine, but not enough to instantly check the *old world* box.

Dry and citrus-earthy on the tongue, pretty high notes of peach and kiwi dance around bracing acidity. Full and fruity on entry, it refreshingly waters-back over the middle, begging for another mouthful. Polished bitter grapefruit exposes a rash of raspy minerality, green and sapling-woody. A gorgeous white, one that will blow your new-world expectations away with classic charisma while still feeling warm and friendly. I rather like it. Balanced and not cloying, an easy hand on the richness I think people use to woo the ‘red-wine-only’ crowd, it manages careful fruit in a full-flavored package packed with structure. Can you say that about your white wine?

2020 CASTELLO DEL TERRICCIO ‘Con Vento’ SB/VG IGT Toscana Italy 12.5

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