Della Flacc

I was blinded this last night, and guessed: Italy; Tuscany; definitely IGT; but did not think 100% Sangio OR Chianti. I felt there was a Cab component but leaned away from Merlot. This kind of concentration and tannin from Sangiovese is a beautiful thing. Looking at it in better light this morning, it is not as dark and impenetrable-ruby as I viewed it, and the touch of garnet is a dead give-away. Incredible spicy rose perfume in the nose, rich and sultry, sweaty love mingles with tar and leather, a deep burly bramble at the cassis core: incredibly decadent through-out.

Blisteringly young in the mouth, tightness taking gobs and gobs of air to loosen up. Thinner and leaner than the bouquet would suggest, the fruit a thick black cherry muddled with graphite and oak, a savory pepper shocking the tongue. More asphalt coats the stupidly-harsh tannin far into the finish, but the berry and plum never go away. This is a ridiculously long-winded wine, and at 9 is just barely scratching the surface or potential. 3 more decades here EASY.

2012 FONTODI ‘Flaccianello Della Pieve’ Sangiovese Colli Toscana Centrale IGT Chianti 15.0

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