A brilliant white, light canary in the glass and filling the nose with smoky earth and light tropical with a touch of petrol. Chubby lily and warm summer swimming-hole bring slight brashy vegetal and round creaminess to the forefront.

Clean and direct on entry, a wash of cool water spiced with cellar nuances and bright, ripe citrus. Acid and chalky minerality do well against the flush richness and creamy texture of the barrel-and-lees programme. Refreshingly bitter and sharp in finish, it maintains a degree of *green-ness* matching visual hints while still delivering an ever-lasting sweet finish carved from concentrated fruit quality. Maybe my first Grillo, and will be looking out for this variety in the future.

2019 DUCA DI SALAPARUTA ‘Kados’ Grillo IGT Sicily Italy 13.0


One thought on “Kado-Scope

  1. Grillo 😍🙏
    There are many fabulous Grillo, good look on Grillo voyage. Try Donnafugata, Alessandro do Camporeale, Nicosia, Cantina Fina, to name just a few🙏🍷


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