Or Not

Always reach for this producer, though I’ve had my share of disappointments. At least two corked bottles, a couple aged beyond recognition at an unreasonable age, and one or two so *natural* they kinda steered their way out of plausible consideration–all in the past half-decade or so. But I guess I’m a sucker for punishment, and hope springs eternal! This one pours amber rosé, not onion-skin or salmon, literally thin amber with rosy hints at the core. Like watered-down Nebb or Pinot. One sniff and taste and immediately chilled to mid-50’s. Plummy nose of considerable fruity stuffing feels thickly round and almost raisin-y. Pretty rose petals and lilac mask slight vegetal, there’s definitely a herbaceous hint of green lurking down around mucky soil.

Light and un-stuffed on the palate, fruit a thin fantasy of washed-out strawberry lifted on equally-thin cranberry wings. Bitter astringency gilded with slight nuances of old-world cellar dominate the middle and finish, the final memory a raspy Kool-Aid plying simple red fruit over out-sized tannin. Not a horrible wine, but not seeing it’s *place* in the cellar or on the table. Just lacking anything compelling or thought-provoking. A simple tipple and curiosity which will get lost and be out-ranked on my summer-time list of chilled reds by the usual suspects.

2020 ARNOT-ROBERTS Trousseau Luchsinger Vyd North Coast 11.0


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