Outside Your Zone

I’ve written tomes about Clarksburg Chenin, but here we step up the viscosity-meter a few notches for Viognier. I love Rhone whites, and this grape–in the right hands–can bridge the gap between the sins often committed against Chard and some more austere varieties like Riesling or Grenache Blanc. Rich and warm, a firm body of careful curves, packed with fragrance and graceful splendor and structural texture. Remember the old marketing-campaign for Viognier: “The Red Wine Drinker’s White Wine”? THAT one went the way of “ABC” and I for one am glad it got lost, over-ruled and forgotten.

Pale legal-pad, not crystal-clear. Gamey, vegetal green butter lavishly steeped in floral essence and tropical fruit. A certain petrichor note boosts and supports oily pineapple and kiwi. Ripe citrus-infused chops play along distinct mineralific lines, lined with soft leather and slept-on satin sheets.

Tasting it takes “remarkable” to whole new levels. Teeth-achingly acidic, bright intense melon captures savory bitter aspects of chamomile and herbs de Provence. Fluid and delicate over the middle, hints of barrel-reduction and bold tannic aspects hold no bar in revealing themselves. Lively and gyrating, it sparks notations of *best white wine of the year so far*? A superb example of variety, not bogged down in fairly common Rhone unctuousness or warmth. A stunning Viognier. From Clarksburg. Of course.

2020 IDENTITY WINE CO ‘The Outsider Vol. 2’ Viognier Clarksburg California 13.2


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