Swan & DRC Piggishness

I should be sick of Pinot by now, but WHO could really get sick of Pinot??? Probably tasted 200 Pinots in the past week, and for some odd reason grabbed another one tonight…

Deep ruby in the glass with a minuscule rim of clear. I think this bottle is very lightly corked. And as I say that, I fully realize MANY people reading this believe there is no such thing as *lightly corked*. But not me. The fruit will be the deciding factor. I got a teensy whiff on first pour–just enough to alert that button–that flashed away with a swirl, then walked away for 10 minutes and got it again before swirling. Flighty enough to be almost imaginary. Great barnyard funk, rich, ripe cherry and cool vegetal earthiness otherwise control the nose, along with beautiful chalky citrus-mold. It’s not super extravagant in bouquet, but solid in dark fruit packaged in toasty leather.

Gorgeous and supple in the mouth, concentrated berry plies a sharp sea of peppery acidity and soggy pamplemousse. It fades off rather quickly over the middle, using wet newsprint and muddy compost to check the boxes of its Pinot-Card. Tannic and rather fruit-less in finish, my experience with these typically-gorgeous wines is again nodding in the *corked* direction.

Should I review a corked wine? Again, a multitude of my readers shout an emphatic “NO!” But I am. Because this wine is entirely enjoyable and I am going to drink it the rest of the evening. It’s like that mystery rattle in your car that drives you nuts UNTIL you know it’s just sunglasses in the glove-box. I’m confident enough in my wine-experience to appreciate this wine despite vague leanings to an uncontrollable fault merely hinted at. And I have another bottle–and will look forward to opening it and referencing back to these notes.

2019 TYPICITE Pinot Noir Big Pig Vyd RRV Sonoma 14.2


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