B is for Bubbles

Two bubbles on the table tonight–along with plentiful Imperia Caviar, french fries and even roasted Brussels sprouts. Quite a juxtaposition or styles: obviously France and Italy, Champagne and Asolo Prosecco, méthode and charmat, Burgundy and Glera. Both NV, but the mag felt older–both in color and texture.

Guisti charms my socks off in the Prosecco sweepstakes. Sharp and driving, a shrill spire of sparkle and acidic knife causing shock to the nose AND palate on initial. To me, these are a lot like red wines: I’ve learned to not make a whole lot of opinions on first pour. Given some time to settle down, they mellow into awesome drinkers, but the initial pressure contained can be off-putting. Let the fruit come forth. Let some of that ridiculous carbonation evolve. Let it warm and blossom. Clean and bright in the nose, pale canary in the glass, firm and believable at a quite moderate stated 7g/l, the apple fruit shines through non-existant sugar, spiraling the whole package into gloriously sharp territory. Raspy and dry in finish, the firm pear and gooseberry grind on and on…

The Veuve needs no introduction, love it or hate it, easily one of my least-favorite big-house sparklers–the literal Caymus of Champagnes–but when someone else is buyin, who’s complaining??? Besides, is there really bad Champagne??? Of course there is–but you KNOW what I mean! Rich and round, bumping easily up against the 12g/l *brut* maximum. Blind, I would have said more like 17, but French law is French law and I will not accuse deviation. I’m not gonna lie, it was a nice glass–actually MANY glasses–of wine. Fruit dull and fleshy, lots of smiling faces, again: deep amber and toasty notes caused several at the table to guess a shelf-lingerer, are you literally gonna snob a Veuve Yellow mag outa bed??? Of course you will–and probably you over there, and by itself under serious consideration: I will too. It’s just rather horrible stuff–but entirely drinkable.

NV AGRICOLA GUISTI DAL COL Glera Brut Prosecco Asolo DOCG Italy 11.5 7g/l
NV VEUVE CLICQUOT ‘Yellow Label’ PN/CH/PM 50/30/20 Brut Champagne France 12.0 10g/l


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