The Wisdom of Solomon

Clear amber through-and-through, deepening to ruddy maroon in the deep end. Classic piquant Flying Goat *pinot* in the nose, ripe and polished, layers of smoky goodness laid down on smooth green-brier and cherubic barnyard. Intoxicating to smell, dirty-baby-diaper and slight vegetal a brilliant after-thought behind flush cherry pie-filling and the kind of tobacco, asphalt-infused oiliness calming the berry into pitch-perfect harmony with the weedy nuances.

I know these people are better-known for their Goat Bubbles–an extraordinary group of hand-made methode wines in themselves–but the true fanatic also grabs for the still-wines, which typically garner WOTD-status at my annual trek to World Of Pinot Noir in Santa Barbara. If you are a true Pinot fan–looking for something light-years beyond standard California offerings–you are doing yourself a dis-service NOT seeking these wines out.

Ethereal palate: shocking me even once again–familiar as I am with these bottlings–as the depth and display bursting into the mouth never ceases to cause speechlessness. Cool, ripe, sweet and delicious on entry, a grainy, briary bitter crescendo pulling up from the backside, tinting all with generous aplomb and in glorious balance. The fruit never pauses, never allows itself to be over-run, a steady hand at the tiller guiding the wine through roily seas of expression. It lets everything speak. Nobody drowns anything out. It’s California–there’s no arguing that–but places itself firmly in a select grouping of those appealing to true Burg fans. Calm pacing throughout the palate ensures careful injections of everything good at *just* the right moments. Fuzzy grapefruit, pomegranate pith and wet campfire demurely co-exist with the elegant-ist of fruit-fall for ever and ever into the forever finish.

You need these wines. And–shockingly–a LOT of older vintages are available on the website.

2014 FLYING GOAT Pinot Noir Solomon Hills Santa Maria Valley Santa Barbara Co. 14.8

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