Dream in Pink

Opening this caused me a new ponder: WHY don’t more people make pet-nat out of plain old rosé??? Maybe too dry? But you don’t have to make the base wine that way. It’s always Grenache Blanc, or Sauv-blanc or Viogner, Malvasia, Cab-franc or whatever. And yet the color and purpose of this wine is simply natural from first pour. Opaque onion skin, the amber–in classic fashion–FAR ahead of the pink. Removing the crown-cap caused a bit of surprise, carbonation surging out of the bottle as happens fairly regularly with this style. NEVER open a pet-nat in a place where accidents can’t happen! Calm, dry and relatively un-fruity in the nose–no cloying fruity aspects of any of the varieties mentioned pops out, instead just a round, cidery melon and pear elegance, perhaps a touch of strawberry.

Tasting this gorgeous pink lemonade produces considerably more fruit. Kiwi and bright berry tingling with spritz and citrus, an almost-tannin-like finish crisped by bubbles. The world needs more rosé pet-nats!

2021 DREAMCOTE Rosé Pet-Nat Grenache Santa Barbara County 12.6


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