I got to Mourve it Mourve it

Medium ruby, surprisingly blueish at the edge. All that tarry goodness we expect from the variety blows out of the nose, along generous peppery briar, green-stalk and weed-eating, a dull rasp of mineral drying the black cherry and raspberry.

Tasting it introduces smoky agitation to the palate, awkward and unbalanced. The fruit feels thin while chubby and manipulated, a cloying jolly-rancher sweetness clouding a grape I feel should have NO Jolly Rancher sweetness. Burnt-feeling over the middle, peppery herb Mourve placemarks ticking themselves off but something seriously feels wanting in this wine. Watery and uninteresting with glossy full-page catalog-shots of all the important things instead of actual dirt.

2019 MICHEL-SCHLUMBERGER Mourvedre Santa Clara Co. 13.9


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