Side of Side

This isn’t very good… Its days of sunny freshness and vibrant fruit are a bit in the past. One of those things you forget in the cellar and open way too late. Deep garnet, clear and clean, with a nose showing gobs of deep cherry and barnyard greenery. Alcohol and etching mineral flow off it: deeply distilled cherry and earthy berry layered with funk and compost.

It smells better than it tastes. Actually quite compelling in bouquet, but on the palate things fall apart quickly. Thin and acidic, fruit taking a back-seat to raspy dryness and overt structure… Not much to taste, honestly: harsh citrus and drying tannin are the power-players in mouthfeel, simplistic and harsh with few compelling features start-to-finish. Dull, dry cardboard capped with watery fruit is all that’s left. Gotta drink these things!

2014 MAISON NICOLAS POTEL Pinot/Gamay Coteaux Bourguignons France 12.0

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