Small Wonder

From Madiran country comes this beautiufl white grape THIS PERSON thinks should be a household name. Thick-skinned and goldne-hued, the wines show Viognier-like richeness and fruit developement, and this version from Arizona wine country is no exception. Bright legal-pad in the glass, a thick stemmy nose layered in leather complexity and distinct fruit. Warm melon with decided savory texture running sauteed butter against slight vegetal.

Clean and precise on entry: sharp acidity bites into canteloupe and honeydew while an almost-Pepsi earthiness churns below. Thick, resolved and unbelievably concentrated, it is sweet nectar driven hard into spicy pungency and tannic beauty. You see a variety like this on the shelf and you’re all like, Hey: this will be weird but interesting, and that’s where this wine FAILS. It is not weird. It is not odd. It is a white wine I would proudly serve alongside the best from Chablis, Condrieu, Rueda, Rias Biaxes, and California. Truly amazing.

2018 CALLAGHAN VINEYARDS Petit Manseng Arizona 13.8

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