La Fourplay

Went to dinner with a couple of cocktailers tonight and grabbed this easy Merlot off the menu for wine-appreciation by all. I was not wrong. The 2018 right-banks are so approachable, so delicious, so fruited and–dare I say–so California ready-to-love, they win over every time. An absolutle no-brainer.

Round, supple, and spicy in the nose, licorice and black earth churning in all directions, thick with blackberry and dank cherry, an acrid chalkiness ruling all–but with rich decadence. A bouquet to yearn for in a red wine.

Dark and staining in the glass–nearly impenetrable with a narrow sliver of ruby at the rim. Delicious beyond belief, grainy acid attack, middle and finish round out the gorgeous fruit contained. Pie-cherry–sharp and taut–lays groundwork for an uncomplicated core of rich berry laid along hi-strung lines. Unlike California, it is NOT over-ripe, no chubbiness clouds the body: only distinct in-wavering elegance in almost-harsh tones. Tannin makes no apologies in aggressiveness, a wall of structure easy to define and resplendent throughout. Thick, bold and delicious is the only way to describe this wine. GET THOSE 18’S!!!

2018 CHATEAU GUIBOT ‘La Fourvielle’ ME/CF 80/20 Puisseguin St. Emilion BDX 14.5

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