3 From All Over

Saturday in 3 scenes:

2018 @cutruzzolawine ‘Gloria’ Pinot Noir with lunch @robins_restaurant … Gloriously spicy and piquant, showing the best of Cambria and newly-formed SLO Coast AVA, which incorporated the SIX COOLEST VINEYARDS IN CALIFORNIA*: formerly relagated to “San Luis Obispo County”. Not sure where this comes from, hints of *estate* on the back label, and no mention of Riven Rock.

Late afternoon @staxwinebar with the buttery beauty of Chablis Grand Regnard from @mmdusa… a guilty pleasure of mine you are free to scoff. Unmistakable bottle and classic label–spot it across the room–which usually spells horrible compensation for the quality of contents, but here is SOOOO much beauty. Whenever I post Grand Regnard, I get nods from lots of people whose opinons I respect, but always a few digs from people I probably never want to drink with.

Dessert @windowsmb and probably my first vintage @gruetwinery –a 2007 Gilbert Grand Reserve, nutty amber and powerful with telltale patina. From tasting and texture, I want to say it is a BdB, but no info on website. It also says “New Mexico Sparkling Wine”, which leads me to believe this is not trucked in from Sonoma–as they are wont to do which Gruet fans recoil from harshly. Funny thing about the 99%: they believe everything they read on a label, but refuse to learn HOW to read a label or believe industry truths dropped on them. I’m not the world’s biggest Gruet fan, though I feel it represents decent quality and value–there are FAR more compelling wines at this PP in California.

*did you want a list?
San Simeon Creek
Riven Rock
Bassi Ranch
Spanish Springs
Will Raj Parr’s Phelan Farms be added?

2018 CUTRUZZOLA VINEYARDS ‘Gloria’ Pinot Noir San Luis Obispo Co. 14.0
2020 REGNARD ‘Grand Regnard’ Chardonnay Chablis France 12.0
2007 GILBERT GRUET ‘Methode Champenoise Grand Reserve’ New Mexico 12.0


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