Stellar Stuff

Packed with a Sierra Foothills-kinda blustry warm gamyness, this is quite a unique Grenache–but then aren’t they all? Sharp briar and a bit of alcohol control the nose, all packed onto grainy thick fruit. It’s definitely concentrated, but with plenty of interesting things going on in the background. Extremely savory in texture, it kicks *Southern Rhone* into a whole new California light.

Tasting it brings straight Grenache wonder into the mouth. Balancing somewhere between a really ripe pinot and a warm-weather syrah, it is spicy, tangy and delicious. The ripeness felt in the bouquet pulls back considerably over the middle, where pointed tannins make their appearance. It *feels* like it could be north of 15, but that would surprise me for this producer. Sweet and gorgeous, smoky and complex, the plum and berry-stuffed palate laced with licorice and tobacco, plus sharp crispness on all sides. Easily one of my favorite Sierra Foothills wineries and in a tight group of leaders for the larger region within the Eldorado AVA. I’m not sure Grenache is their strong-point, but this wine argues hard for it.

2018 LAVA CAP Grenache Jones Family Estate Eldorado AVA Sierra Foothills California 14.8

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