Rosy and bright with a purple-edged wide clear rim. A nose most unusual: the dull thud of piquette second-helpings creating the obligatory almost-tertiary-ish expression of fruit. Vermouth pops to mind, the briar distilled down into weedy, savory instincts controlled by thin berry. Cardboard-y and un-alcoholic, an herbaceousness un-fettered with fruity norms, and instead, a vibrant, sea-air breeze of blueberry and winter squash.

In the mouth, gloriously watery and thin–but not meager. Copper-penny metallic introduces a sweet mineral side of the wine hinted at in the bouquet but rife with acidic, toasted berry. Delicious: start-to-finish, just a breath of a wine in body, but hitting with aplomb in the glass. I *get* that piquette isn’t for everyone, and it’s a bit like being served seltzer while being shown pictures of great wine, but this one’s a bit more concentrated than that. Entireably crushable–light and refreshing–while still maintaining vinifera composure. But–being from North Carolina–I’m not sure how much vinifera there actually is.

2021 PLEB WINERY Piquette North Carolina USA 7.8

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