Ranch Vibes

Mmm mmm mmm… gorgeous, luxurious RRV Pinot. Every time. Beautiful, translucent garnet in the glass, a nose ripe and dripping with dense, smoky, grainy cherry fruit, peach-peel and nutmeg and butter-fat cake frosting, ridiculous to smell, the clamor of match-head and graphite laying chalky notes down low.

In the mouth: so supple and invigorating. Headily thin, the light body tranferring shocking amounts of concentration onto the palate. Watery pear and sumptuous nectarine all aglow, perfectly-balanced acid and alcohol lifting and massaging. A wash of tannin hints around in the finish, bitter and delicious and calming any *over-ripe* theories. A Pinot leaving you near-speechless as you stare at the glass.

2019 MARITANA VINEYARDS Pinot Noir Moonshine Ranch Russian River Valley Sonoma Co. 13.5


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