It’s a Bird

I’m pretty sure Monastrell is my favorite version of Mourvedre. I know the Bandol Boys will be a drowning voice in this argument, but for me, it just works so well–and usually cheaper. Here’s a fun little example: Deep ruddy garnet in the glass–WAY more ambered and tempered with age in the nose than the vintage would suggest–and that’s probably a flaw, but hey. Smoky, bloody, earthy nose, sharp with blood-orange and briary zing, work leather and workhorse mire the foundation.

A little light on fruit in the mouth. It’s all zing and earth and bitter citrus, and the intake bouquet runs a bit turpentine. Fresh and alive, with that tainted brightness only Mourve can deliver. It’s a power-packed wine, but doing it all so ethereally light-footed. Tannins are soft, ground down into sultry powder and raspberry-peach compote. Bitter and bracing, however, as it runs chalkily in to the finish. Beautiful, inexpensive stuff, and packed with interest.

2019 MOTACILLA ALBA Monastrell Spain 13.1

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