Wine of the Earth

Easily one of the most glorious wines I’ve had this year. Ranks up there with Qupé 2005 Block X enjoyed last year. A phenomenal wine, beautiful garnet, good sediment, raspy asphalt nose all dirty baby diaper and black walnut and sweet, sweaty, acid-tinged fruit delicate and robust all at once, incredibly ripe and mired in tertiary. Then you taste it, and the fresh strength and inter-twined species leaves you speechless. I’ve wasted a lot of these wines on people un-deserving and that will never happen again. Holy fucking wow.

2006 BONNY DOON VINEYARD ‘Le Cigare Volante’ SY/GR/CINS/MV/CG 43.6/43.5/11.7/1.1/0.1 California Earth 13.3

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