Riesling me this

SHINER-TIME! And while I generally frown on shiners for the blog as it gives no label recognition, was handed this beauty on the crush-pad the other day by a cellar-rat friend and was excited to try. Quite possibly his first solo bottle… not sure, but it’s got a lot going on.

Sparkling clear legal-pad in the glass, a nose showing both delicious stony fruit and raspy dust. Orange blossom and Thompson grape tight and focused, hints at seething situations below a-plenty.

Tasting it shocks receptors with sparkling fruit and sweetness, a tropical mildness atop clear calls to vegetal virility clearly pointing at young Teutonic versions of the grape. Seething with fresh bitter angst, it is hard-as-nails, pulling powerful plum and Granny Smith into acidic calisthenics causing like twists and turns of the tongue. The middle a glorious golden glow, receding into a grainy, dry-bitter finish where the apple will. just. not. go. away. Probably a 1- or 2-barrel wonder, and not sure how it will be marketed, but keep an eye open and if you know the right people…..

2021 WILL SHABAN Riesling Los Alamos gonna guess 13-oh


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