The Full Monte

Been wanting to try this for a long time, and it popped up at a local shop where the buyer is heavy into *such things*. Dark ruby with a purple rim, the nose a weedy stew of ‘natural-leaning’ aromas with heavy chalky mineral. Chocolate and dense black cherry headed Jolly Rancher in dessert-like characteristics.

Juicy and agreeable on the palate, all that deep berry gushes exuberantly with barnyard tempering and definite sweetness. It’s delicious, but the ache in the teeth is hard to ignore. It’s got a nice streak of acid, and the finish grates a little, but the approach is for the Wine Folly demo. And the first person who says anything about this wine being perfect for Halloween gets un-friended.

2020 MONTE RIO CELLARS ‘Skull Red’ California 12.5

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