The Waiting is the Hardest Part

Ridiculously light, a pale green frost to barely-yellow with definite temporary suspended spritz. Opaque and tight in the nose, ever-so-slight greenery herbaceousness and wisps of apple and melon carrying the fruit. It does gather some rich varietal, smoky depth with considerable air, but this is definitely a delicate drop.

In the mouth–at 60°–equally light and un-charasmatic, a watered-down version with classic flavors but only teensy-weensy bits of it splattered around. So light, it’s hard to define any fruit nuances: just watery nothingness with vague splashes of un-definable textures. Down below 50° nothing changes–as expected–it just becomes more of a forgettable wine. I don’t drink Chardonnay–especially Santa Cruz Mountain Chardonnay–for any of the reasons found here. This is what I drink Sancerre for–or Riesling. A mildly-sharp finish showing breaths of minerality do nothing to compose the wine.

2020 MADSON Chardonnay Santa Cruz Mountains California 12.2

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