Here’s a new one. To me at least–and to the Paso Robles tasting scene. Popped in here in my recent jaunt to Paso as a last-minute “Have you ever heard of these guys?” “Nope.” “OK Let’s go in!” I’m guessing–based on vibe in the TR–a local rancher deciding to get into the wine business. I was rolling my eyes pretty hard–gotta admit–but the wines turned out to be ROCK-SOLID and I brought home a few for closer observation. This one’s only 2 barrels and just a really pretty Syrah. Nothing, like, crazy geeky or edgy: just nice, well-made wine.

Light, transparent pinkish-ruby with a wide clear rim. DEFINITE oak programme greets the nose, but not overt. A plush, smoky, vanilla French situation is all, backed by generous black cherry and a bit of earthy briar.

Tasting it is where they sold me. It’s a gorgeous wine. Not slutty, not jam-packed, nothing close to the stand-a-fork-up-in-it offerings from most of their neighbors. Clean, defined, and restrained, it enters with sweet, delicious fruit, crosses the middle watery and focused, finishes bright-bitter, roiled in vegetal and alive with tannin. The oak makes an appearance on the palate, but hey: I’m not gonna go all hating on some beautiful barrels–until they get out of hand, and this stops well shy. The fruit is a shyly-condensed blackberry and strawberry, with licorice and a sort of bourbon-ey maraschino elixir haunting. This is a beautiful wine: 4 years old their current release so that raises some questions, but I could sell END-CAPS of this stuff–and possibly the lowest-alcohol Syrah in Paso??? Get some of this before it runs out. Like I said: 85 cases is it.

2018 LA PERDIGNUS Syrah Templeton Gap Paso Robles 13.8


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