Old Young

Saying your favorite Zins are from Napa is not a popular opinion with the 99%, but those who get it, know. Back with an old, inexpensive favorite I grab off the shelf when in need and other options are slim. Funny: this *old vine* is sourced from vineyards “averaging more than 35 years old.” Ummm… I mean… a little speechless here. 35 years gets you barely out of the 90’s, kids.

Still, this is a stalwart Zinfandel, not hitting on Dry Creek Valley or Paso Robles notes–the former being merely a difference; the latter a plus-positive. Smoky and burnt in the nose, a latex rubber-glove hitting hard as it mires itself down in musty granular indifference to *light & bright*. The blackberry tainted with soiled plum, the briar stanky and brittle.

It tastes better than it smells–again referencing “cab’s slightly chubbier little sister” in mouth-feel–and Napa is the only place I find Zinfandels capable of cab-comparisons. Thin of fruit and non-overwhelming in ripeness, the structure cuts bitter swaths over the tongue with the berry trying desperately to keep up. It barely succeeds, as tannin and acid keep the palate dancing on prickles while thin fruit takes a back seat. But the whole package works, and represents Napa rather well varietally.

2017 GIRARD ‘Old Vine’ Zinfandel Napa Valley 15.0


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