Bye Bye Birdie

This is a flat-out gorgeous wine, crisp and spicy but with plenty of that creamy Rhone goodness the variety MUST have. Fairly deep yellow in the glass, with golden hues along the rim. Rich oak fills the nose, adding wonderful texture to lush floral blossom: wilted lily and flush camellia with dark guava and banana filling the tropical score-card.

Steely and flint-driven on the tongue, applesauce and pear coursing in with time, a bright vitamin-C pang poking at all receptors. Over the middle, the sharp acidity continues, while some of that oak smooths and fluffs the brightness into a well-balanced shock of color and nuance. Green apple and even greener apricot drives a finish where white-wine tannin generates plenty of rasp and guarantee ageability. These wines never disappoint and here is yet another winner for now or the cellar.

2021 BOLT TO Roussanne Ballard Canyon Santa Ynez Valley Santa Barbara Co. 14.0

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