White Peaks

If you’ve had any of the hi-end Napa Cab producer’s Sauvignon Blanc offerings–or are accustomed to white Bordeaux–or Merry Edwards’ RRV version, you know profile expectations will be considerably different from Loire, New Zealand or any of a myriad of other regions. There’s a richness and depth over-shadowing the zingy citrus acidity of the former and a complete lack of most of the things afflicting the Southern Hemisphere’s latter. These wine age amazingly also, and at 6, this one shows all the hallmarks of those prestige bottlings. Deep golden straw in the glass, a nose buttery in pineapple and apricot, applesauce and cantaloupe ways. The vegetal is a sage-y, herbs de Provence savory, and the glories of neutral oak shine hard.

In the mouth, a rewarding rasp of briar coats the entry, a bitterness continuing on through the finish. Fruit is a mellow affair, tucked in behind the grainy structure, only allowing slight tarnished berry and melon to glance beyond. Generous acidity of a mature, elegant kind tingles the edges of the tongue and tannin definitely makes a statement. A shocking lime-rind note introduces the finish. Not sure the fruit can carry too many more years, but with these whites, tertiary tends to *honey up* the texture in ways copious fruit can only follow. I think it’s got two decades and probably will never fade.

2016 ACUMEN ‘Peak’ Sauvignon Blanc Attelas Vyd Atlas Peak Napa Valley 14.1


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