This wine has no nose. Nothing. No nose whatsoever. Bland and vapid, no fruit, no oak, no spice, no nothing. Smelling it deeply reveals nothing: a slight chubby burnt nothingness of berry alongside meager burnt-meat nuances. No decant helps.

Tasting it produces acidic prose of more nothing-ness. It tastes quite good, but nothing to get excited about. Shrill and peppery, with no fruit, an acerbic calm going nowhere, with brittle middle enveloping harsh tannins… and… more… nothingness. A wine quite removed from any modern glimpses of beauty and even in an old-skool mentality: no redeeming qualities. It’s all acid-water and vagueness throughout.

2017 CHATEAU FRANC COUPLET Bordeaux Superieur AOC France 13.0

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