A most amazing Sauvignon Blanc: closed and awkward on opening, gently blossoming into a lush bomb of smells and flavors. Clean, light, golden straw in the glass, pear and apple and ridiculous floral gradually coming forward in a lush, medley of lavish fruit. Thick notes clog the nostrils: oak and straight sugar but borne on gracious wings of fermentation and briary lustfullness.

Soooo rich and thick on the tongue, bruised applesauce and the kind of peach/nectarine infusion as to make the eyes roll. But it works–somehow–in an almost aged-Chardonnay sort of way. But it’s not aged. It’s bright and saline-infused, shockingly acidic and charmed with delicate lightness. A meal in itself–this wine–copious of body and depth while dancing elegantly on the palate. Achingly textured, it really causes pause as words fail to capture the deliciousness there-in. A heavenly wine knocking on areas of near-dessert-status while coursing dry and tannic throughout. Afford this wine.

2020 JONATA ‘Flor’ SB/Sem 90/10 Ballard Canyon Santa Ynez Valley Santa Barbara Co. 14.5


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