Deux Times Deux.5

How does *natural wine* age? GOOD natural wine? Well, let’s find out. Thin and transparent, showing just a breath of garnet across rather bright ruby-pink swells. Latex gloves and kinda scorched-earth blackberry in the nose–plentiful air doesn’t really change that. It’s sullen and toasty, broodingly deep and dark, with chubby vegetal lurking.

In the mouth, things get considerably brighter: sweet pie-cherry with a bitter back peppery and anguishing in tart acid. The fruit is dense and ripe, held aloft by structure going nowhere. A biting finish of green tannins tell me this might not even be considered *aged*. Super fun wine to drink. More fun than watching #winebro chaterbate decant-times–and that’s SERIOUS fun. Edgy and ALIVE at this juncture–but not sure of where it’s headed. These are all quality, clean wines, and here at a youthful 5, I think it safely will go the distance in proper Pinot Noir aplomb. Who knows. At least they didn’t bottle it in flint.

2017 DEUX PUNX Pinot Noir Havlin Vyd Oregon 13.5

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