Extremely inexpensive IGT in a punt-less bottle I purchased based on a glowing wine-writer review I saw the other day extolling the lush fruit and leather and berry throughout. Of course the comments were a long line of dutiful colleagues praising the post–not the wine. And–in true wine-writer fashion–basically none of the amazing descriptors are apparent in my glass. Dark, nearly impenetrable maroon–bricking decidedly–the nose explodes with nearly-intolerable levels of minty eucalyptus and sharp acrid vegetal, gradually blowing off to a ridiculously poopy bouquet. Blackberry and cherry ARE buried within, but vague against the overpowering euc.

Tasting it produces a brash, harshly-dry and rather fruitless elixir, thin and bitter which I would love to say needs years of *settling down*, but nothing buried in the palate points significantly to age rewarding. Coming off like a mass-produced Bordeaux Superiere in the sub-$10 category, it presents a harshness difficult to grasp–or enjoy. The eucalyptus is also visible all across the palate, where it and grating steeliness are the only two ingredients. The finish is thin and vapid, with pie-cherry topping more bitter grate. At 7, I am shocked there isn’t more tertiary–which is a point in its favor–but the whole thing is just plain headed south: taking everything positive with it and exemplifying the awkwardness.

2015 AGRICOLA QUERCIABELLA ‘Mongrana’ Sangio/ME/Cab 50/25/25 IGT Toscana Italy 13.5


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