The 15 Frontier

This little guy is bricking pretty hard in the glass, with a smoky, slightly burnt-rubber nose with subtle rich berry and that’s about it. Specks of dusty tertiary appear–along with definite structural notes–but the whole thing comes off rather mellow and tight. A bit of a decant might help.

Gorgeous biting bitter cruises in with the fruit on entry, the fruit a stark, dry wash of pomegranate pith and gritty sour cherry. Thick in body though, with generous granular grain of black walnut and dried herb. A bit of heat troubles the middle, and on into the finish where it mingles with still-significant tannin and more mineral ache. I think this bargain-bordeaux is at about peak–pushing it much further will show deficits of fruit in the face of its powerful stuffing. Plus, it’s kinda brown, and not polishing charmingly. At the price though, it might make a nice cellar-stuffer for aging consideration. Nice stuff though, with few major faults. Michel Rolland consulted.

2015 CHATEAU MAUBERT Merlot Cotes de Bordeaux France 13.0

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