I Love Grenache

This is a really pretty wine if you don’t look at it too hard, but with asterisks for those delving deeper. I was hesitant to try because of the “Old-Vine Garnacha” on the incredible linen front label, plus the winery-applied JS91 sticker is something I avoid like the plague. Beautiful deep purple-ruby with a thin line of amber at the far rim, a nose at first sharply old-world but a glowing thick marmalade ripeness buried inside grows incredibly into thick, dark berry with copious edges of distinct mineral. The floral contained is a bit flatulent, and portions of it point strongly at manipulated ripeness. For those in the front rows–and new to my way of presenting things–that means: “Acid comes in a bag”. Remember that phrase–don’t ever forget it–and someday, if you stick around the wine-world long enough: it will come in handy.

Raggedly sweet on intake, the early blossom of richness worn decisively by raspy granulation making a black, bitter statement difficult to argue against. It dries out nicely over the middle, showing an almost-unpleasant acridity which becomes more *chewy* upon contemplation. It fades to chalky punctuality, with barely any tannin: the fruit still tooth-achingly rich as walnut-shell and salted licorice slather the palate. For a 7YO bargain, it’s hard to find too much fault with this wine. This appears to be a ridiculously huge producer, with labels running from yoga-mom juicy-fruit attraction to Castello Amorosa complications of visual fatigue. Honestly though? I’d love to taste some of their other wines.

2015 BODEGAS IGNATIO MARIN ‘Ballad’ Grenache Carinena DOP Spain 14.0


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