The Enz of GSM

Wow what a wine. Most of us have had Enz Mourvedre at some point in our lives, and the kinds of things it does to the palate is nothing short of amazing. But opposed to the usual suspects, this one comes from Pali Wine Co.–someone far more known for Burgundian varieties. Transparent purple in the glass, the grimy grate of Mourvedre filling the nose, light cherry and effervescent rhubarb and dirty blood orange filling the spec-sheet.

Tasting it produces a juicy, decadent mouth-feel predicated on light concentration and sharp virility. The dankness of the bouquet translates straight into earthy distinction, the peppery burn of acid churning at all points. But SOOOOOO luscious and inviting: you NEVER get tired of the fruit-focus and depth of structure. The way the deliciousness is impacted by the geeky nature of this and that ate stunning. Wines like this are why I hate California GSM: everything magnificient about each variety have been blended into bland extinction, carefully measured as to not offend anyone in the 99 with overt, spiraling character. Every time I drink a GSM and then a Mourvedre, I’m just like, WHY. Buttery-rich late-middle before a dry bit of soft tannin chubs up the finish. Pretty great stuff.

2021 TOWER 15 Mourvedre Enz Vyd Lime Kiln San Benito Co. 14.0

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