Sparkling Provence

Nary a rosé tint to it, just a breath of rosiness inside deep straw. This is a calm, even pet-nat, not plagued by explosive frizze or harsh spritz: a muted *phitzz* on opening and fine layer of foam upon pour. Bubbles continue meadering their way from the bottom long into the glass–a significance much more akin to fine sparkling wine than typically seen from pet-nat. The nose is dusty and thick, generous almond-paste and wilted floral ruling the sharp bouquet.

In the mouth, it hits with more even-ness and balance: a slight curl of acid and bubbles tingling the sides of the tongue while heavy fruit charges the core. Plum and candied pear cover a mineralific center, the sweetness well-controlled by sparks of invigorating texture. Nicely done, and feeling incredibly *Grenache Rosé* throughout the mouth-feel–you really feel the varietal core though spiced by bubbles.

2021 DUSTY NABOR Grenache Rosé Pet-Nat Spear Vyd Santa Rita Hills Santa Barbara Co. 13.0

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