Derby Day in Paso

Some wines which quite stood out at the recent Derby Day in Paso put on by the Sunrise Rotary Association… First up an astonishing Malbec from Austin Hope. Yes it’s big–one would expect nothing less from this producer–but contained therein is an intense vegetal ire and acidic, tannic structure drinking like a barrel-sample, with fruit an elegant driving force quite forceful in its dedication to variety and balance. I’ve laready received numerous queries and probably asterisks for naming this my Wine Of The Event, but there it is, and you’d be better off finding some.

The Derby wines continue to impress–not just their Derbyshire burgundian offerings, but the Cab is one of the richest, most beautifully-structured things I have witnessed from Paso in some time.

New kid ALLBAER brings a curt line-up of stunning wines quite defying the norm. They’re big and alcoholic, but only after you look at the label. Comprised within is ridiculous balance and dedication to variety. TINY production and quickly selling out, get on the list for these.

The Arndt folks were pushy in their advocation of Zinfandel–something I found oxidized and vague of direction–but traveling down their roster to the Cabernet brought other results. This wine goes a long way in furthering my argument that CAB will be the long-term defining variety Paso will excel at. Acidic and structured, impeccably balanced, here at 5 showing traces of tertiary which will polish for DECADES.

Another new kid: Arbuckle Ridge casually presents wines astounding in texture and elegance. I was happily blown away by their careful blends and vineyard selection. Another miniscule production, get on board with these wines while you can. They are GOING PLACES.

Aglianico??? Don’t mind if I do! A most peculiar variety, one which shines in Italy and ages timelessly. This showed the intense acid and grainy fruit necessary while governing all with New World deliciousness. But not TOO much deliciousness–such would be contrary to typicicty. A timeless wine and ridiculously affordable.

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