Barra of Burgundy

A hazelnut Sweet-Tart greets you, the citrus zinging along tropical fruit courses held back by reins of classic depth and richness. This HAS to be the most Chablis-like offering in the $25-range, everything grimy dry and steely in focus, neutral-barrel keeping things responsibly toasty and polished. Cool-straw paleness in the glass comes hard with all the chalky bitterness and raspy acid balance with everything you *feel* with this plush variety. A near-perfect Chardonnay, and I am shocked how well it translates onto the palate for such a low price. Now I want to taste all my Chablis-friends on this bottle.

2021 BARRA OF MENDOCINO ‘Reserve’ Chardonnay Mendocino Co. California 14.0

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