Sky Pilot

Musty and flat, the light body far into garnet–brown, basically–a tired swill of boredom and depression, completely forgettable in bouquet: worm castings and moldy detritus, swollen and bruised, fruitless to a tee. In the mouth, slight acidic burn announces rustic blandness in a projected service ideal only red-checkered-tablecloth, Linoleum-floored Italian joints could possibly pass off as vin de table with the lowest-budget of simple fare. This is a wine most wine-writers would praise as a “food wine”, a concept foreign to this palate as no definable merit exists–WHATEVER the food or price-point. I don’t care that it’s almost 10 years old, this is a complete failure in modern terms. A visit to the website shows lots of *natural* and *biodynamic* and *sense of place* verbiage, the ideals of which need no introduction once the wine is tasted–or even smelled. A wine so beyond appreciation this review is over.

2014 PODERE LE RIPI ‘Cielo d’Ulisse’ Sangiovese Toscano Rosso IGT Montalcino Sienna Tuscany Italy 13.5

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