Now Max is REALLY glad he’s dead.

Thanks for that.  I remember the first time I saw Koonunga Hill in a store.  Before that point, Penfold’s were serious wines.  It was common to find Bins 389, 128, or 28 on grocery and shop shelves.  Even an occasional 707 or Grange or St. Henri.  Bin 2 as well.  Or even an RWT.  Did they have an entry-level red?  If they did it was a bin number I have forgotten or just maybe labelled ‘South Australia’ red table wine.  51?  No, That was Lindeman’s.  Anyway… the first time I saw Koonunga, it was clear both from the cheap look of the label and the price-point, it was FAR below even the $17-25 we were paying at the time for 28 or 2 or 389 or 128.  Hell, 707 and RWT were at the 50$ pricepoint and Grange released under 100$!  This WASN’T that long ago.  15 years tops.  Immediately after Koonunga, Hyland Hill appeared, all the Bins disappeared from practically EVERY shelf and PRESTO:  Penfold’s was in the plonk business.  Just in time to counter-act Yellow Tail and the plethora of shit Lindeman’s had always been putting out.  The corporate shell game has been particularly hard on this brand–in terms of quality.  I have honestly lost track of who owns Penfold’s today.  LVMH?  Sony?  Pernod-Ricard?  Treasury?  Constellation?  So sad.

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