Remember these?  Fortunately, CA bubbly producers are addicted to label face-lifts, otherwise we wouldn’t be able to date all this NV stuff.  I’m thinking about 2006 on this?  Wish I knew how to read the laser codes on the bottle.  Light light light clear yellow.  I would not call it straw at all.  Great non-stop bubbles, small-to-med.  A little citrus bouquet with a tiny touch of toasted almond tattling on it’s age.  No yeast in the nose.  Extremely austere on the palate.  Beyond Bone-Dry.  Good acid and citrus zest over middle and that aged toasted-almond pops up again in the lingering finish.  This is easily the most *Champagne* of any offering I have had from them.  I love Mumm Cuvee Napa and consider it one of the premiere values in CA Sparkling.  The Brut Prestige–now Cuvee M–is a perennial winner in finness, balance and price-point.  The Blanc De Noir–now labeled Brut Rose–has always been my favorite for its elegant fruitiness.  Deveaux/DVX–now winery only–and all of the special vintage offerings step everything up a notch.  Not sure what equivalent of this Reserve Brut you can find at the winery today, but it would be interesting to taste this program young.  I am not a huge fan of Champagne–much preferring the bright, fresh Ca bubblies such as Korbel Natural, J, Roederer, Schramsberg, Jepson, and the like.  That whole toasted-almond thing which rears up in Champagne and intensifies with any age has always turned me off.  If you have these, drink’em.  In the 30 mins or so since I started typing this and meandered off and answered phone calls and texted a couple people and dislodged my daughter’s iPhone from its case, this thing is still sittin here just pumping out streams and streams of tiny bubbles in perfect straight lines.  Very well-made wine.  World-class.  ♦♦

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