It Must Mean: Boring-Side

Crystal-clear dark ruby with pink edges. Simple, fat, glycerin-y nose of all things fat and ripe and at the same time flat and thin.  Overwhelming oak and a touch of musk and briar and a thin deep concentration which entices you to taste it.

It tastes exactly the way it smells.  Meager and cloying with all the proper dark cherry and tobacco nuances all lined up in a package which transitions effortlessly into a mediocre acidity and drying–but sweet–tannins.  This thing changes really fast in the air from densely-fruited to overtly-oaked to burnt-rubber depending on how full your glass is.

This is not a horrible wine.  It just doesn’t have anything memorable about it.  Nothing stands out–not even a flaw.  You could take this to 100 dinner parties and it would be gone in a second.  Everyone would comment,  “I really like that one” and they are justified in doing so.  It really is just perfect wine.   Sebastiani-produced, juice probably bought in bulk out around Lake Berryessa, smells and tastes of the lab.  Make a statement, people.  Make a statement or go home.

This is a great, bulk, entry-level, crowd-pleasing $20 Napa Cab.  There is nothing wrong with that.  I love trying wines like this.  I am enjoying this bottle and will enjoy the whole thing.  This is not a horrible wine.  It’s just.. so…. boring.  Nothing relevant is expressed or implied.  If this wine turns even ONE person on to Napa Cab and they go, “Wow, I really like Napa Cab” and they go out and explore and expand their horizons–it has done it’s job.  14-0–not so shockingly–which also tells me this wine was sourced in bulk.  I wouldn’t consider giving it a single stroke above average.

2010 B-SIDE Red Wine Blend Napa Valley 14.0

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