How to Tame your Dragonette in 5 Easy Steps

A completely new label to me… Seen it around but never tried it until a generous client intervened.  Best Client Ever! This is a pretty concentrated little Pinot.  Don’t let the standard bottle and simple label fool you.  Appropriately, MOST good pinot’s come in simple bottles and labels.  Deep and dark clear ruby with pink edges.  Slightly staining.  Powerhouse, heady nose of ALL things wonderful and pinot.  Perfect storms of ripe black cherry and tart pie cherry, sweet oak and piquant briar, waxy sweetness and horse corrals.  Initial uptake blows you away with dense, disgustingly ripe fruit–so much so I immediately thought of Bella Glos but there isn’t wax all over my kitchen and before I could even think of a way of bringing up over-the-top packaging on horrid wines again, all the things this pinot IS and the Caymus’ sorry offerings ARE NOT became apparent as waves of dusty, wet-loam character hit me.  Perfectly in-control acids climb into the party as the finish starts drying out to perfect pinot tannin and then there’s that high, bright note of bitterness I cherish in the finish of a good, young Pinot.  And the fruit.  I can still feel the fruit.  I suppose a wine like this just HAS to be slightly above my ABV comfort-level for a pinot.  It is really balanced and it only shone through in the first–un-breathed–sniffs.  I’m gonna say 14-7.  Label: 14-5  I was WRONG.  If you like a rich, deep pinot with aftermarket wheels and exhaust but still a factory warranty, find some of this.  ♦♦

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