Three Cheap Oregons

2011 WINDY BAY  The lightest of the three.  Thin and clear.  Barely red beyond a bad rose.  Which is not a BAD thing–I have many wonderful and highly nuanced Pinots as light as this.  But this one is not.  Awful, dirty nose and no fruit or anything much continuing through the taste.  The only good thing I can say about it is all the flaws are thin too.  Nothing there.  Not a miserably *undrinkable* wine–I suppose I could quaff this in an old-fashioned glass late in the night over socca or pizza in France and be quite pleased, but here–with a great meal–it is just unreasonable to consider this even a light contender in the Pinot category.  Dry and thin and meager all the way through and I have already spent way too much ink on this loser.

2009 BRIDGEVIEW  Darkest and densest of the three but just gone.  Totally, completely gone.  Funky, dirty baby-diapers nose is revolting and backed up with that struck-match-head of poorly-done Pinot aged a year or so beyond anything it was even capable of originally.  Just horrid.

2007 MONK’S GATE  The most garnet of the three–clear and fairly dark.  Great warm, deeply perfumed Pinot nose just a tad green and wonderfully spicy with incredible earth and sweet barnyard.  A decent concentration.  The bouquet really is quite impressive.  Sweet oak and round, ripe deep fruit.  Entry does not disappoint–full of fruit and vibrant with all the things you smelled.  Balanced acidity swells but does not overwhelm the supple fruit all through the mouth.  Drying and tannic with everything continuing long into a great finish.  This is a fabulous Oregon PN I would gladly put up against Bergstrom or King Estate or Broadley even Beaux Freres–for 1/2 to 1/4 the price.  A BEAUTIFUL Oregon Pinot Noir.

Oh Oregon, Oregon, Oregon….

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