Marti-WHAT?!?!? Lotto-winner

Inpenetrable milky ruby and thin clear edges.  Massive fresh-rain/wet-sidewalk/ripe-cherry/chalky/stemmy nose just EXPLODES in your face.  Glycerin-ey and ripe and unmistakably top-tier fruit and handling.   I suppose there is a certain polish goin on… almost 8 years old, which is Grandpa-status for Paso Reds.  Under the initial nose is a flowery, elegant spice sweetened with nice oak and some AL.  Medium-fruit shines all through and some of the most gentle, seductive, iron-fisted tannins wrap your tongue and decide you need another sip.  I just can NOT put this wine down.  I can not stop smelling it.  It is NOT the most fabulous wine I have had this month… or this year… it just is really quite compelling, from its nondescript matte label and un-heard-of name to its massive nose to its velvet revolver begging you for more and I am really just quite in love with this wine.  Kinda reminds me of a great impromptu surprise Library-selection in a resty that is several bills down from the trendy standards and just wows and wows.  14-1   ♦♦♦

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