Not Bathtub Wine.

Milky ruby with garnet edges, simple–but nice–cinn-nutmeg nose with a whallop of warm mint and sugar.  Entry fades off a bit into light fruit, decent acids and slowly-fading tannin.  It’s a nice little wine, especially considering it is Sangiovese, Cab, and Syrah and the regularly have ‘Cellar Sales’ on this stuff for around 10 dollars a bottle.  120$ cases of quality Los Alamos and Foxen Canyon fruit–label says SYV, so must be south of the line–doesn’t suck at ALL.  A wonderfully-made wine and a great DD or weekly-drinker or something to take to parties.  This is a fabulous little wine–and not so little actually.  An incredible ‘food-wine’ and I do not mean that as a crutch for overt acidity or gaminess.  It really just has a whole lot goin on and at the same time a balanced restraint welcome on the table.  Pretty much the quintessential Italian-food-wine.   I have over a half-case of this left and am going to make a point of not keeping them around much longer.  ♦

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