Like Tablas Creek–only Good.

Medium-staining and dark purple-ruby with purple edges.  Big YOUNG fruit-forward nose with considerable early musty barnyard and dirty-baby-diapers blows off into just plain young jammy fruit.  A touch of AL and typical spice of something this young and fairly-entry-level.  It’s just not a particularly sophisticated wine.  It is not a horrible wine, just a fruit-style and body-style I do not particularly care for. This is something I would consider at the higher-end of entry-level Syrahs.  A nice quaffer–and I know PLENTY of people who would think this wonderful.  I am reserving saying anything terrible about it and instead am going to skirt around and try to accentuate all of the positive qualities.  There is a fairly generous burnt-rubber/wet-leather nuance which I consider de rigeur in Syrah, but the ripe, cloying fruit takes over and gets in the way.  The steely-AL pretty much dominates the nose after breathing a bit.  It is just way too young for my liking, and another 2 or 3 years would def settle things down but not much more because I do not feel it is designed for drinking at 10 years.  This is something you definitely need to go out and buy, and try, and see if it is something you like.  It’s like a 9$ Cote-Rotie-meets-Paso.  Clean and nice, with no flaws, and a decent price-point.  I guessed 14-8, it is 14-5 on label.  ♦♦

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