I Did NOT set out to pick on Sta. Ynez this week!

Clear, light, bright canary.  Fairly round green-oak-leaf nose with a touch of BBQ smoke and a definite moldy-leftovers-in-Tupperware nuance.  Boiled beans?  Short green-apple entry with a little nectarine and lemon zest but fruit’s kinda faded away on this one and really the first thing you notice is the healthy acid which lingers on and on as it slowly turns to straight bitterness.  Yes, I can’t think of a snobbier word to use here, the finish is just plain bitter–and goes on and on.  Perhaps I shouldn’t have let this one sit around for this long or perhaps there are provenance issues before I got it.  It is not a dreadful wine–totally drinkable, as long as you  don’t think too much about it, something really hard for me to do with a glass of wine–it’s just really GREAT Sauvignon Blanc is SO close–right across the street at Brander, to name one.  Life’s just too short to drink whites like this.  Tomorrow I am going to pull out a SMOKIN HOT Santa Ynez wine, you just wait.  14-5 might have something to do with this one’s problems…  

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