Lato, Dude.

What a difference a day makes.  Interesting that both PN’s are made in a lush, ripe, fairly-heavily oaked model, just one is a Sonoma County 10,000 case offering and one is a single vineyard offering from someone who cares.  The cloying richness has been replaced with silky finesse and the vanilla-bomb has been replaced with layers of texture and the hints at ‘Pinot Noir’ have been replaced with true barnyard and earth nuances.  That said, there is a definite cold-climate-syrah note to the nose, alcoholic and heady with mint, wet leather, and minerality.  Dense ruby with clear edges.  Meager acid.  Tannin of a considerably mild nature.  That is where the interesting juxtaposition with last night’s Rodney Strong comes into play.  This one falls a bit short in the finish.  Both are soft in the tail, but the RS honestly had a tad more acid.  Wonder what the alcohol is on this.  This is a great wine to drink today.  I wanna taste this guy’s Larner Syrah.

24hr Vac-U-Vin:  Highly oxidized.  Pretty much fallen apart.  Fat and madierized.  So sad.

2012 PAUL LATO WINES Pinot Noir ‘Duende’ Costa de Oro Santa Maria Valley California 14.3

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