Asian for "Hello and Goodbye"?

Black garnet with bricking edges.  Dense and inpenetrable but not staining.  Massive flowery bouquet flows out: violet and gardenia, crushed white peppercorns, leather, licked pencil lead and dark-roasted coffee.  An amazing nose which unfortunately fades with time in glass.  I started to decant, but re-considered.  A certain nube-cellar, KMBS, alcoholic rendering comes off as well.

This was given to me to try and I honestly do not know anything about the producers, but am guessing possibly Adelaida/York Mt. fruit?  It just reeks of that huge flowery concentration rife in those reds.

Taste falls off a bit from the expectations of the nose, but is still round and full and ripe with incredible concentrations of chewy dense fruit and the road-tar Syrah component shines through nicely.  Polished–and polishing–and balanced acids and mild tannin fill the mouth but everything is headed dangerously towards ‘pruney’ and once again am confronted with this terrible concept of highly-extracted Paso reds not aging terribly well.  Both the color and the breathing-out emphasize this argument.  A tad bretty.

Continued time in the glass only accentuates some of the already-severe polishing on a 6yo wine and the wet concrete and cardboard.  Still, it is a pretty wine, full and lush, balanced and round–but coming sweetly apart in the way Paso nearly always does.

2008 CROAD CELLARS Cab/SY ‘Aroha’ Paso Robles 14.5

24hr Vac-U-Vin:  A complete trainwreck of over-ripe nuances.  Completely fallen apart and tastes like concentrated lab-produced gunk.  Feels like it was made with a bunch of clear bottles of flavors with eye-droppers at a test-bench.  Just dretch.

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